The long term effects of apartheid in South Africa has left the majority of our population disadvantaged and marginalized by educational
inequality and ultimately economically disempowered.

quotation11Motivated by the need to make a difference in a democratic South Africa Dr Gill Crawford focused her masters and doctoral research on finding ways to bridge the educational backlog of adult and school learners previously disadvantaged and still marginalized in our present educational environment. Lack of basic fundamental skills, poor quality education (particularly in Mathematics and Science), a shortage of performance orientated skilled teachers, a shortage of skilled adults needed in job situations, poor workplace performance and a high rate of unemployment resulted in the founding of The EDL Group in 1995.

A new approach to education and skills training was the way forward. Global technology and advantages of ICT driven learning programs in terms of easy access and learner programs based on individual need was the way to go. An extensive ICT driven Management Data Base and interactive learning material to provide skill competence upgrading for previously disadvantaged learners was designed and developed and constantly upgraded between 1997 and 2017.

The EDL Group presents three proudly South African Learning Systems:

  • EDUTRAC MPower for Job Skill Training, Workplace Preparation for unemployed adults and improving Workplace Performance for employed
    adults through training based on skill needs.
  • EDUTRAC Xtra for Mathematics Remediation and Performance Improvement for Grades 4-9 for learners who come from or are in township and
    rural schools.
  • EDUTRAC StepAhead to step up Competency and Performance Improvement in the Sciences, Life Skills and Computer Usage through Reading,
    Writing and Understanding of English.

THE EDL GROUP operates in Workplaces, Adult Learning Centres, Community Centres, on Company Sites, Educational Institutions and Schools.
Also available to Home Learners. The EDL blended e-Learning Systems are designed and developed for South Africa and the African Continent.