EDUTRAC MPower is easy to access, easy to use and the level of the learner is established by a Fundamental Skill Assessment at the start.

EDUTRAC MPower conducts a skill needs analysis and assessments that establish individual needs and performance challenges.

EDUTRAC MPower allows for the customising of programmes to relate to specific needs.

EDUTRAC MPower includes basic fundamental education programmes which lead to effective core skill training and the incorporation of critical skills which are integrated into all the Courses.

EDUTRAC MPower provides Lesson Units which are structured, bite sized and manageable. The progress is in small skill concept-building steps. Interactive dynamic applications to reinforce practical application and transference of skills learned form a focused part of the learning process.

EDUTRAC MPower provides automatically marked assessments, lesson tests and post module tests which direct advancement in the Learning System. The regular testing provides reinforcement of skills learned in lessons completed.

EDUTRAC MPower is based on skill set units and qualifications made up of unit standards, critical cross skills delivered by accredited providers approved by the relevant SETA. SETA verification based on Portfolio of Evidence and Records and Results recorded on the Management Database that drives the programme.

EDUTRAC MPower links training to performance, NQF unit standards and the Skills and Equity Acts. The extensive database enables the transfer of all training accomplishments to the required forms as stipulated by the Labour Department and SARS.


  • Learning is participative which makes a real difference.
  • Learning entry and exit is based on an identified level of competence.
  • Learning is part of a tailor-made solution based on need.
  • Learning is easy to access, self-paced and manageable as it progresses through bite-size leaning units.
  • Learning is occupationally-directed and improves performance.
  • Learning allows for concurrent fundamental skill upgrade.
  • Learning combines theoretical with practical applications using computer based material; work sheets; activities; practice exercises.
  • Learning applications can be facilitator-directed in a blended learning process.
  • Learning is tracked, measured, monitored, assessed, recorded and reported on every step of the way.


The EDL Group has developed a structured system of blended e-learning with course material for performance directed on-the-job learning and management of learning. The System is called EDUTRAC MPower.

  • The blended e-learning process provides individual learners with the opportunity of progressing and developing skills at their workplace site. Job Expectations and Skill Needs determine the selection of training courses to be taken.
  • All learning material is outcomes-based meeting SAQA and NQF requirements. All learners are assessed to establish their level of competence. Their point of entry into the learning system is determined by this level of competence. All progress is tracked and recorded in the system. Individual job expectations, skill needs and performance management capabilities in the system provide the link between learning and workplace activity required by your company.
  • The extensive range of learning material which can be used is housed in a technology driven management system which means all learning is tracked and recorded for feedback in a learner-directed on-line process in a facilitator-directed, blended on-line learning process using the technology.
  • Fundamental Skill deficits (workplace maths and english) are addressed concurrently with core skill learning in this learner centered methodology.
  • The ultimate outcome of the learning for the learner can be skill endorsement and certification or accumulating credits to achieve a qualification. Job skill improvement and meeting performance expectations are guaranteed.
    This ‘Proudly South African’ learning process has been developed to meet the ongoing demands of our South African society, particularly in areas of job skill remediation and work skill needs.

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