• Addresses individual learner skill needs in conjunction with school curriculum requirements and performance challenges.
  • Provides access to a Learning System, Management Data Base, Skill learning and individual Records and Reports by password and username only. Learners start at their level of assessed competence allowing progression at their own pace and in their own time, becoming confident and competent at a higher level.
  • Provides an interactive methodology in which practice and skill applications are fundamental to the learning process. This is reinforced, tracked, measured, tested, monitored, recorded and reported on, every step of the way.
  • Remediates the current educational crises using an ICT driven methodology to enhance learning.
  • Provides a system of bite-sized manageable learning presented to a learner step by step
  • Tests every step of the way to reinforce learning that may have taken place.
  • Assists teachers to use ICT’s to enhance teaching and learning
  • Applies ICT skills to access, analyse, evaluate and communicate information.
  • Uses ICT’s for managing and assessing learning providing records and reports.
  • Uses ICT’s as a tool for curriculum integration in the process of remediation and enrichment.
  • Enables learners to start at their level of tested competence and emerge as confident competent learners at a higher level.
  • Provides assessments at Grade Level to establish appropriate starting level for each learner in the Learning System.
  • Provides Lessons which are structured, bite sized and manageable. Lessons progress in small skill concept-building steps. Lessons includes interactive dynamic applications to reinforce practical application and transference of skills learned.
  • Provides Tests which follow on each lesson and module, directing advancement in the system and reinforcing skills learned in lessons.
  • It is our view that electronic content, resource development specifically designed for remediation and support can make a difference. This means schools or even extra lesson initiatives should consider this effective alternative methodology for remediating and supplementing Maths, English and Science.

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