• Improve Grade 9 year-end results by 10-20% to meet the NDA (National Development Plan) goal of ensuring that 75% of Grades 3, 6 & 9 learners score at least 50% in Literacy, Mathematics and Science.
  • Address the underperformance in Mathematics and English as a mathematics language of learners who come from or are in township and rural schools.
  • Increase the number of learners in township and rural schools that are selected for Core Mathematics in Grade 10, by at least 50% to ensure entry into tertiary education.
  • Address the multiple competence levels of learners in every Grade 4–9 class, as well as in schools accessing learners from townships and rural areas. Generally these learners are two (2) to three (3) Grade levels below the competence requirements in Mathematics for the grade they are actually in. Without an urgent immediate intervention a learner’s problems will merely be compounded as the learner moves from Grade to Grade.
  • Address the learner’s poor grasp of mathematical concepts, problem solving, critical thinking and practical application of skills learned in Grades 4-9 with urgency.
  • Assist in generalist teacher skill upgrade in Primary Schools using EDUTRAC Xtra’s CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Document) aligned program to enable them to teach Grades 4-9 with competence and confidence.
  • Ensure that competent mathematics teachers can focus on the process of delivering 21st Century Grade Level appropriate lessons while a learner centred ICT driven program is applied simultaneously to address the needs of learners with poor levels of Mathematics competence.

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