Finding Ways to bridge education backlog of adults and school learners previously disadvantaged and still marginalized

The EDL Foundation presents three proudly South African Learning Systems:

  • EDUTRAC MPower for Job Skill training, Workplace Preparation, Job Skill upgrading and improved performance management for unemployed adults, prospective entrepreneurs (self employed) and employed adults through skills training programs, internships and learnerships based on skill needs.
  • EDUTRAC Xtra for Mathematics Remediation and Performance Improvement of Grades 4-9 learners who come from or are in township and rural schools.
  • EDUTRAC StepAhead to step up Competency and Performance Improvement in the Sciences, Life Skills and ICT literacy through Reading, Writing and Understanding of English.

THE EDL FOUNDATION operates through funded Schools, Community Centres, Adult Training Centres, TVET Colleges, Educational Institutions and Company Sites.
Also available to Home Learners. The EDL blended e-Learning Systems are designed and developed for South Africa and the African Continent.

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