The Management System acts as a delivery mechanism for the course content enabling users to access tests, courses etc. To this end it draws information for the database, which acts as an indexing system for the course content. The Management System writes data back to the database in order to track the progress of any users and stores records and reports pertaining to users. The Management System contains all the source code that enables the functionality of the EDUTRAC Xtra SYSTEM active server page technology, which compiles any necessary programming code as it is executed and used. The Management System retrieves data requested by a user from the database and delivers it by means of a browser (such as Internet Explorer). From the browser the user is linked to the course content which is in the form of HTML files. The Management System provides the capability for an administrator to regulate the access to any of the course content. The Management System then stores data retrieved from the user participation and stores records, reports, files and information.


The Assessment Profile is Grade Level appropriate. There are five Assessments in each Grade following the CAPS mathematics work area requirements. The selected Assessment is made up of three sections, each with multiple choice questions and automatically marked answers.


For each of the 730 EDUTRAC LESSON COMPETENCIES there is a Lesson. The lesson material (usually 25-50 pages) includes a sequence of ‘bite-sized’ skill instruction sequences each including Practice Exercises and interactive activities. These include multiple–choice, matching, fill–in- the-blanks, writing, form-filling and openended exercises. For each competency there are play activities (applications) for specific skill learned in lesson.


Lesson Tests follow each lesson play application. Lesson tests are multiple choice and automatically marked. Lesson Tests are grouped sequentially so section scores indicate mastery of lessons (for Post Module Tests), to validate mastery or indicate precisely where further work is needed for a struggling learner. Module Post Tests are grouped sequently so Section scores indicate mastery of lessons in each Module. Tests validate competency or indicate precisely where further work is needed.

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