The Minister of Basic Education declared that an “immediate radical intervention” is required to address the proven fact that the national average perc entage of Grade 9 learners in State Schools when assessed was / still is 9.7%. The disastrous reality still prevails depriving learners of the opportunity to do Core Maths and gain entry into Tertiary Education that could lead to Job opportunities in the future.


  • Learner competence is assessed at the start and learners working on the Learning System improve by 20% on the program a given year.
  • The Learning System has been tried and tested with 5 000 school learners. Their year-end mathematics marks have increased by 10-20%.
  • EDUTRAC Xtra numbers of learners selected for Core Maths at the end of Grade 9 has increased.
  • Multiple competence levels in every Grade 4-9 class has been addressed.
  • Teacher skill shortfalls and assisting teachers to upgrade their skills in a private ICT driven environment has been achieved.

EDUTRAC Xtra has been successfully piloted and tested with the following outcomes: Learners who accessed the Learning intervention improved their Mathematics’ performance by 10-15% in a year and by 8-10% in their school year–end results. Learners who did not access the Learning System did not improve their performance. This excludes students who did not need to access the mathematics remediation in the Learning System.

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