THE EDL GROUP addresses the medium, long term effects of poor education that renders the majority of the South African population disadvantaged and marginalized by educational inequality.


From 1997 THE EDL FOUNDATION as an accredited provider funded bursaries for 5000 adult learners who were trained in SAQA (SETA) approved EDL ICT blended e-learning programs. Funded by the NELSON MANDELA CHILDREN’S FUND, JOHNSON & JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL, DTI, ANGLO PLATINUM, the FRENCH EMBASSY, W & R SETA, the ETDP SETA and SERVICES SETA


EDUTRAC (Pty) Ltd registered as a commercial entity to service workplaces, FET Colleges and Adult Learning Centres, using EDUTRAC Programs. The EDL FOUNDATION trained facilitators who worked in three companies for over seven years (GRAFTECH, KNORR-BREMSE, TAG) and VODACOM, MORKELS, EDCON, PG GLASS (1000 learners). In addition SETA tenders in SERVICES SETA, W & R SETA, MERSETA and ETDP SETA (1000 learners).

EDUTRAC Xtra and EDUTRAC StepAhead

Successful School CSI Projects funded by CSI funding (JOHNSON & JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL, CUMMINS SOUTH AFRICA, TSOGO SUN, the NELSON MANDELA CHILDREN’S FUND and XEROX) enabled the EDUTRAC XTRA and EDUTRAC STEPAHEAD Programs for Grades 4-9 to be installed at five (5) schools. SSB (SEKOLO SA BOROKGO) in Randburg, LODIRILE SECONDARY SCHOOL in Kagiso Township, KWA-BHEKILANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL in Alexandra Township and PHUXUNANI YOUTH CENTRE in Elim Limpopo (2500 learners).

Each year the following results were / are recorded:

  • Learner’s Mathematics performance improved by at least 10% in a year.
  • Numbers of learners selected for Core Mathematics at the end of Grade 9 increased
  • Multiple competence levels in every Grade 4-9 class was stabilizing.
  • Teachers were able to upgrade their Mathematics skills in a private ICT driven environment.
  • Teachers were able to address their individual needs and the individual needs of learners.

In summary the EDUTRAC Management Data base records and reports proved that students who accessed the EDUTRAC XTRA and
EDUTRAC STEPAHEAD learning intervention improved their Mathematics performance by 10-15% in a year on the EDUTRAC Learning system and 8-
10% in their school year end results. Students who did not access the Learning System showed little or no improvement in their Mathematics’
performance. This sample excludes already competent students who did not need to access the mathematics remediation in the Learning System.