• Skills upgrade for employed and unemployed situations.
  • Performance improvement in Mathematics and English in educational settings.


  • Develop Learning Material for the Edutrac System to comply with SAQA, NQF, Umalusi and the DOE.
  • Provide managed blended e-learning to worksites for on-site skill upgrade training.
  • Provide installations for schools for the remediation of Maths, English and Science. This is to support teachers in their efforts to get learners to reach the required levels of operation in specific Grades.
  • Provide technical backup, development, maintenance and management for the Edutrac Learning System and Installations.
  • Provide funded training and education on sites country wide for unemployed learners when funds are available.
  • Provide funded training for facilitators and assessors and job opportunities for successful competent (ETDP SETA) candidates.


quotation6Educational shortcomings grounded in the political and social legacy in South Africa, coupled with global technology escalation, directed the development of the innovative EDL Learning System (EDUTRAC). A new approach to learning using technology was designed and developed. This allowed individuals to work at their own level, at their own pace and in their own time.

The learning system was designed to include an extensive management database and more than 2000 learning units. It provides a multi-media on-line solution which can transform learning in workplaces and educational situations.

Development and upgrading of the system is ongoing to meet SETA Unit Standards and DOE Curriculum grade / level requirements.

In the Occupationally – Directed Edutrac Learning the database is conversant with Skill needs, Performance Management and the Equity and Workplace Skills requirements.

In the Education / School – Directed Learning the Edutrac System addresses the educational crises in South African Remediating, upgrading and supporting individual learner need.